Traveling to Colombia. Flying to Bogota. Will spend a few days there in La Candeleria. Maybe wander around the old colonial district, visit the Museo del Oro, rest after the flight and generally check things out.

Then, fly to Cartagena for a week. It will be about 90 degrees Fahrenheit with lots of sun. The beaches are supposed to be nice. We will be staying in El Centro, the old Spanish colonial section from the 1500s. Likely there will be many Christmas Holiday activities. Maybe we will take a boat ride to an island for some snorkeling.

After that, we will work our way east along the Caribbean coast to Santa Marta. Our plan is to find a place we like and stay there for a while to enjoy the beach life and visit the large Tayrona National Park. Maybe in the town of Taganga. Planned activities are walking on the beach, body surfing, snorkeling and hiking in the jungle along the seashore. Maybe, I can rent a surfboard and try some lessons (!!). I packed lots of equipment to take photos. Colombia supposedly has the most indigenous species of birds in the world. I took my binoculars to do some birding.

I had my fly rod and reel in my suitcase. I started picking some flies to bring and decided to do some research on the web. I could not find anything. I “Googled” fly shop in Cartagena and got links to LAN, Avianca and JetBlue so I could shop for flights to Cartagena. Then I tried “tienda de las moscas” and go links to pest control. I decided it would be easier to take a small suitcase and see what is available when I arrive.

Our itinerary is open after that. We might push on to Medellin, Cali and even on to Ecuador. Or, we might take a flight home from Cartagena.

Map showing Colombia

map Colombia

Arrived Bogota

We finally arrived here in Bogotá about 20 hours after we started our journey. The plane from Houston to Bogotá was delayed. We woke up at 3 AM Eugene, Oregon time; it is now 3 AM Bogotá time. But overall the travel went well and the hotel was nice and the staff helpful. I like it that no one even tried to speak English to us.

Colombia Sweatshirt

I went to college at Columbia. Now I am traveling in Colombia.

Bogota Photos


Some photos from around Bogota. The streets of Candelaria, a couple of Cathedral views and the panorama from Cerro de Monserrate.

View from Cerro de Monserrate

Flying into DIA

Photo taken out of plane while landing in Denver in December. My next stop was Houston. I was headed for Bogota, Colombia.


Storm clouds

Storm clouds gather on Cerro de Monsarrate. Our hotel was located on this pedestrian street in Bogota.



Some political satire painted on the wall of a building in Canderlaria. For a city of 8 million, Bogota air and noise pollution is pretty good; they place a real emphasis on the use of bicycles and buses. There are hundreds of miles of roads where cars are banned.


Groom kisses bride

On Friday night, a couple got married at the Cathedral in Cartagena.



A sign in a Cartagena restaurant suggests talking to each other instead of using WiFi.


Face of Gold

This Face of Gold was in the Museo de Oro in Bogota. The museum is full of gold artifacts from different eras. This was from before the Spaniards arrived. I see the face; sometimes I feel this way first thing in the morning.

Face of Gold

Seasons Greetings

I thought this window display was funny. First, it is unlikely. And second, it is such “kitsch.” Is there a point where kitsch is so lacking, that it is art? Dunno’ but it looks funny.

Seasons Greetings

3 more Bogota pics

Here are three more photos from Bogota. This is a plaza near the hotel we stayed. The statue is Simon Bolivar. The are is the Parque de las Periodistas.

Bogota Simon Bolivar

This a detail of a building at the Central Plaza, across from the Cathedral.

El Centro detail

The last is a parking lot. The blue apparatus is a lift to double the number of parking spaces.

parking lot

2 photographers

Photos of two photographers. Photographer on yellow. And, photographer on blue.photographer on yellowphotographer on blue


The cupula shines above Cerro de Monserrate.Montserrate

Cartagena nights

A driver maneuvers his horse-drawn carriage near the Clock Tower.









A small motorcycle in front of the cathedral at night.

Street performers rest after an animated dance.

Morning Catch, Rodadero

Fishermen offer their morning catch at Rodadero Beach, Santa Marta.


New Year’s Eve

Spent New Year’s Eve on El Rodadero beach with a few thousand Colombians. It was fun to see all the people, hear the music, and enjoy the warm night air.

Happy New Year


New Year’s Day

I don’t think I have ever seen this many people on a beach at one time. Even at Jones Beach on Long Island.

_CL48125 _CL48138 _CL48153


View from our hotel in Taganga.Taganga

Taganga Sunset

Sunset as viewed from hill on Taganga Bay.Taganga Sunset

Taganga Moonset

The moon sets in the early morning as viewed from hill on Taganga Bay.Taganga Moonset

Window Washers

Window washers work in Medellin at San Fernando Plaza.Window Washers

Catedral in Bogota

The Catedral Primada de Colombia as seen from Plaza de Bolivar in El Centro, Bogota, Colombia.

Catedral in Bogota

5 Towers

The Colpatria Tower is the tallest building in Bogota and in Colombia. Every night, it has a colorful light displa5 Towersy.

Man on horseback

Artist Fernando Botero  is a native of Medellin. Plaza Botero displays many of his sculptures with more sculpture and painting inside the Museum of Antioquia. The photo shows his “Man on horseback” with the Uribe Palace of Culture in the background.Man on horseback

Shoes for sales

Need some new sneakers? Store display in for sale

Winter in the tropics

skating ringMedellin’s largest shopping mall was all decked out for the winter holidays. Even a skating ring in the middle of the tropics.

El Poblado

El PobladoEl Poblado is one of the new neighborhoods in Medellin; it is popular with tourists. Note the soaring mountains behind the buildings. Medellin is unique because mountains surround the city on two side (the East and West).

Playa Blanca

Taganga is on the border of Tayrona National Park. Playa Blanca is a nearby beach that can be reached by boat or a short hike. Somewhat farther to the east is a small cove.IMG_7867IMG_7880

Plaza Espana

A plaza in Bogota. _CL48834

Cartagena Cathedral

The cathedral in Cartagena, officially the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. This is the church that was attacked by the English Sir Francis Drake. He caused severe damage with his bombardment and received a high ransom to withdraw his attack.Cartagena Cathedral


When I travel, I like to have hot coffee in the morning and  hot herbal tea at night. I carry an electric heater to bring the water to a boil. Sometimes I use it to purify the tap water. I bought one at a local sporting goods store, but it quickly burned out. I bought another from a street vendor. I was skeptical it would work, but it works better than store-bought.Calientador

Posters on Wall

Not far from the Metro in Bogota, there is an entire wall plastered with advertisements.billboards


Medellin has a first class metro transportation systems that include metrocable. Medellin is in a valley with steep mountains on two sides. The metrocable provides access to the neighborhoods high in the mountains. It is a fun day trip to ride the cable to the park, Parque Arvi, at the top. You also get a good look at the neighborhoods.IMG_7898IMG_7908

Barrio Egipto Sunset

The sun sets behind a pedestrian walkway in Barrio Egipto, Bogota, Colombia.Barrio Egipto