Here are all the posts for Honduras. This is part of the Central America trip. See travelogues for the other countries: PanamaCosta Rica, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. I entered Honduras from Nicaragua and went on to Guatemala.

Honduras Photos

Here are some of my favorite photos from my trip to Honduras. Click any photo to see the slideshow.

map, Honduras



the statueI stayed a couple of nights in the Capitol of Honduras and enjoyed the sites in the City Center and learned the story of the statue of the Virgin de Suyapa and Don Pepe´s Men´s Room. At dinner, Hondurans cheered as their team beat the U.S. in futból.

Tegucigalpa is the capitol of Honduras. The pronunciation includes the English word ¨goose.¨ The city center is safe for tourists (in the day). Squads of tourist police, city police, national police and military are everywhere. Pharmacies and other stores have private guards and articlebars between their customers and the merchandise. I did feel safe in the central park (Plaza Morazón) near the cathedral and spent several restful hours people-watching. The temperature was perfect. (more…)

Lago de Yojoa

Lagomy new hatLago de Yojoa is a large natural lake, 17 km long and 9 km wide. The Hotel Agua Azul is a resort on the lake with cabins and a restaurant. There are docks with boats and kayaks and lots of birds. I went kayaking and hiking. I went to Catarata de Pulhapanzak, a 43 metre high cascade–well worth seeing.

Getting There–I took a tourist bus from Tegucipalpa to La Palma and a local bus to the hotel on Lago de Yojoa.

Lodging–The Hotel Agua Azul is worth staying at for at least a couple of nights. The cabins have just the right amount of funk. The food is good. The views and birds are great.

La Esperanza

nice hatmask I knew I was off the tourist path when I signed into the hotel. The two open pages of the ledger were almost full. I was guest 98. Under the column ¨Pais,¨ the first person had written Honduras. From guest 2 to guest 97, there were ditto marks. I wrote, EE.UU.

I took a bus from LaGuama to Taulabé to see the caves. The caves are reportedly at least 12 km long. Visitors get to see the first 400 to 600 meters. They are very impressive with large chambers. (more…)


thermalsLimpiraThe town of Gracias, formerly known as Gracias a Dios, is an old, sleepy, little town surrounded by picturesque mountains. At one time in the early 1500s, it was the Spanish capitol for Central America. Here, the Spanish squashed the indigenous rebellion led by Limpira by offering him peace terms and then assassinating him. The basic Honduran currency is based upon the ¨limpira.

I visited Balneario Aguas,Termales. The locals in the bus insisted I must go there. I was reluctant because these are hot springs and I was already hot enough from the sun (more…)


close enough for photosCopanThe Copan Ruins are well worth seeing. The Mayans worked on the city for about six hundred years. They are not as large as Chitzen Itzen, but the sculpture is better preserved and more intricate. Most of the best work has been moved inside the museum for better protection. Some of the names ascribed to kings are humorous, like 18 Rabbit. That´s a name the Artist formerly known as Prince could consider. I spent the better part of a day wandering around and enjoyed all of it.

I also visited Macaw Mountain, a home for orphan birds. People get exotic birds for pets and for one reason or another decide they don´t want to keep them. Macaw Mountain takes them. Because they are no longer tame, they can´t be released back into the wild. After stalking birds in the jungle for days on end it was funny to have them perch on my shoulder–no need for a telephoto lens.


to Guatemala

From Honduras, I traveled on to Guatemala.