Costa Rica

Here are all the posts for Costa Rica. This is part of the Central America trip. See travelogues for the other countries: PanamaNicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Costa Rica Photos

Here are some of my favorite photos from my trip to Costa Rica. Click any photo to see the slideshow.

leaving Panama, arriving Costa Rica

leavingarriving Costa RicaI took an exciting boat ride along a banana canal from Bocas to Changinola. From there, I took a micro-bus to the border and walked across the railroad trestle across the river that marks the frontier between the two countries. A couple of bus rides later, I was at the end of the road in Manzanillo, the most southeastern point in Costa Rica.

map, Costa Rica

mapCostaRicaI entered Costa Rica in the southeast from Bocas del Toro. I went east of Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo, then north to Playa Bonita. After that, north to Tortuguero on the northern coast and on to San Jose.


red frogI awakened in the Cabina in Manzanillo to the sound of a male monkey asserting his domain. I could hear the surf pounding against the shore and the birds singing. Manzanillo is a sleep, quiet town at the end of a dusty, bumpy road.  No banks or Internet. It has one restaurant and a snorkel shop. A perfect place to chill, relax and take in the tropical breezes.

Beyond Manzanillo, I hiked into the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Gandoca-Manzanillo. It was wet, hot and humid–a swampy, tropical jungle. It was full of (more…)

Playa Bonita

I passed through Puerto Limon and stayed at Playa Bonita. There is a pretty beach there (of course) and I had a nice swim. I stayed at Hotel Cococi; it had a great view of the beach and surfers. The restaurant was good with comidas tipicas.

Moin to Tortuguero

TortugueroI took the four-and-a-half hour boat ride from Moin to Tortuguero. It is a long ride but very interesting. It follows a combination of rivers and banana canals. There are lost of birds and crocodiles. I paid $35.


me on acquatic trailTortuguero is in the middle of nowhere on the Costa Rican Caribbbean coast. You can only get there by boat or plane. There are lots of tourists here–more tourists than turtles.

tourists at TortugueroI rented a canoe and went on an aquatic trail early in the morning in the Parque Nacional Tortuguero. Part of the trail is closed to motors, so I left the tourists behind. The channel narrows and finally ends. In places, I had to squeeze the canoe under (more…)

San Jose and then Nicaragua

international busFrom Tortuguero, I took a 5 a.m. boat ride to connect with a bus to take a bus to take a bus to San Jose. I didn’t see much of San Jose because I took a 5 a.m. international bus in the morning to Granada, Nicaragua.

Scam? When I first arrived in San Jose, a taxi driver immediately latched on to us and said the international bus terminal had moved and the hotel we planned to stay at would put us too far away for a morning departure. He recommended another hotel that would be closer to the new terminal.

I had read in the guide book and been warned (more…)