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art work, an interesting collage

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Europe When I’m Old

I met an inspiring couple at Whirlpool Rapids on the Liard River. They were gathering firewood to put in their aged camper. He was 78; she was 76. They were from Juneau, AK and were traveling on a road trip. … Continue reading

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black shirt

No black shirt   in Temple No shoes on feet No soles forward No smoking No spitting No cameras Light incense Make donation Gain merit No black shirt

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Women sweep

Women sweep    leaves from road White sun rises Misty hills Pink lanterns    red and blue.

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This is similar to the very first car I ever owned, a red Citroen Deux Chaveaux. I bought it in Marseilles. It featured a dip stick to figure out how full the gas tank was, windows that flipped up rather … Continue reading

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I feel sad. Possessions out of place. Relationships disrupted. A gray sky and a chilly morn’. The Fall is a time of new growth dying, the sunset of the summer. My house, that was my home, is torn apart. Things … Continue reading

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Give Peace a Chance

All we are saying Is Give Peace a Chance –John Lennon (Sept. 28) What’s wrong with being an aging hippy? The obvious answer is, “Who wants to be an aging anything?” I grew up in the 60s and 70s. I … Continue reading

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