RondaFrontera area in Andalucia. Rented a car in Seville and drove through Jerez and Cadiz. Spent a night in Medina-Sidonia, a white hill town in the Frontera. Visited Arcos de la Frontera. Spent five nights in Grazelema. Visited Ronda, Zahara and Cueva de la Pileta. And saw a bride catch a drone.Grazalema

The Frontera was the “frontier” between the Moors and the Christians which continued to shift for many centuries. Today, it refers to the hillside towns of glowing, white Frontera white hill townshouses that provide picturesque old towns and dramatic scenery for tourists. The towns were built at the top of the hills for defensive purposes. The Community of southern Spain along the coast is called Andalucia.

our route in Andalucia

our route in Andalucia


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