Traveling to Colombia. Flying to Bogota. Will spend a few days there in La Candeleria. Maybe wander around the old colonial district, visit the Museo del Oro, rest after the flight and generally check things out.

Then, fly to Cartagena for a week. It will be about 90 degrees Fahrenheit with lots of sun. The beaches are supposed to be nice. We will be staying in El Centro, the old Spanish colonial section from the 1500s. Likely there will be many Christmas Holiday activities. Maybe we will take a boat ride to an island for some snorkeling.

After that, we will work our way east along the Caribbean coast to Santa Marta. Our plan is to find a place we like and stay there for a while to enjoy the beach life and visit the large Tayrona National Park. Maybe in the town of Taganga. Planned activities are walking on the beach, body surfing, snorkeling and hiking in the jungle along the seashore. Maybe, I can rent a surfboard and try some lessons (!!). I packed lots of equipment to take photos. Colombia supposedly has the most indigenous species of birds in the world. I took my binoculars to do some birding.

I had my fly rod and reel in my suitcase. I started picking some flies to bring and decided to do some research on the web. I could not find anything. I “Googled” fly shop in Cartagena and got links to LAN, Avianca and JetBlue so I could shop for flights to Cartagena. Then I tried “tienda de las moscas” and go links to pest control. I decided it would be easier to take a small suitcase and see what is available when I arrive.

Our itinerary is open after that. We might push on to Medellin, Cali and even on to Ecuador. Or, we might take a flight home from Cartagena.

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