ShiprockWith my wife, Dawn at Shiprock. Shiprock, the rock, is near Shiprock the town in northwester New Mexico. The town is named for the rock. The rock is named because it looks somewhat like a sailing ship.

Per Wikipedia: It is the erosional remnant of the throat of a volcano, and the volcanic breccia formed in a diatreme. The exposed rock probably was originally formed 2,500–3000 feet (750-1,000 meters) below the Earth’s surface, but it was exposed after millions of years of erosion. Wall-like sheets of minette, known as dikes, radiate away from the central formation. Radiometric age determinations of the minette establish that these volcanic rocks solidified about 27 million years ago.

Far simpler, the Navajo people say the rock was originally a bird. It took there people to the location that it there home.

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