Leymebamba Hike

Hired a guide and hiked near Leymebamba. Took a taxi for about half an hour up in the mountains and then hiked down. The guide used a machete to cut and hack our way to the ruins of Cantonea, Molinete and La Congona. We wore boots from the hotel and sloshed through creeks. Quite an adventure.

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  1. ron.betsy@comcast.net says:


    Am heading up to fish the “Dream Stream” in the a.m. That’s the 3 miles of water between Spinney mtn and Eleven Mile reservoirs; which you and Dawn have fished on several occasions and during your most recent visit to Colorado. Rumor is the big browns are on their migration out of eleven mile res upstream, Ron Smith (golf and fishing bud from the Club) landed two over 25″ last week, so hope I’ve not missed the peak fishing.

    While it’ll be a challenge with small flies and clear water, nothing like your machete trek through the amazon jungle.

    All the best!!


  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks, Ron. Go get them. Any fish we find will have lots of teeth.

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