Peruvian movies

To get ready for my trip, I watched some movies depicting social and political life in Peru. Alcoholism, abuse of women, disparity between rich and poor, and the futility of political change are typical themes. The portrayal is typically frank, direct and candid. People survive with a sense of humor. The scenery is beautiful and the lifestyle picturesque. They are listed more or less in the order of how I rate them.

Even the Rain–A movie crew filming a story about Christopher Columbus gets in the middle of a violent fight over indigenous water rights.

Madeinusa–a Western tourist gets stuck in a small town high in the Andes and learns more than he wants to about local life.

Papel de Paloma–a young boy grows up in the middle of an attempted revolution (Shining Light). A good story told in the setting of historical events. Good acting.

Bad Day for Fishing–surprisingly good. A German wrestler and his manager try to exploit the locals of Santa Maria.

Titans in the Ring–A liberal priest fights to change life in a small town.

Ojos que no Ven–A complicated plot of overlapping characters set in the middle of Fujimora’s overthrow. Grandfather is dying while his young granddaughter tries to hold her life and her family together.

Tinta Roja–old newspaper reporter shows new reporter the tricks of the trade.

Aguirre: Wrath of God– see related post. Apparently a cult classic. Will not help you with your Spanish.

Milk of Sorrow– Dawn saw this and found it slow-moving, dark and troubling.

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