Down the Road

About to enter a new phase of travel. We have now visited most of the famous tourist sites, but are now in an area of northern Peru that is less-frequently visited.
The guide book warns of uncertain transportation, food and accommodations, 20 hours of gut-wrenching and kidney-busting bus rides, 4000m cliffs, rare hummingbirds, a Chachapoya ruin that rivals Machu Picchu, dozens of ancient recently-discovered mummies, the world’s second highest waterfall and destinations only accessed on foot or by horseback. Beyond that, it’s the jungle in areas recently secured from Shining Light rebels and the cocaine industry. Oh, and then there is the three to five day cargo boat ride down the Rio Huallaga to the Amazon River and Iquitos.
My experience with the guide books is that things are seldom this exciting. A respectful greeting, some pleasantries spoken in Spanish and some sole notes should get us where we want to go. Nonetheless, this sounds like Traveling Dude territory.

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