Streets of Hanoi

I like to walk city streets. Unfortunately this is difficult if not dangerous in Hanoi. Scooters. The problem is millions drive scooters. You can’t walk on the sidewalk because of parked scooters. Scooters swirl around cars and trucks. Scooters drive against traffic and don’t stop at lights. If there is space on the sidewalk, they drive on the sidewalk.
They usually do a good job driving around you when you walk across the street. But to park, they push you aside to get on the sidewalk. One woman literally drove her front wheel onto my foot. They carry up to four passengers. They can carry a full size mattress and boxes as wide as a car. One motorcyclist’s box hit Dawn in the back. The noise from the sound of the engines is horrendous, of course. But the incessant honking is unnerving and tiresome.
Everyone but the tourists seem to accept it. I saw several scooter accidents. Keeping in the inner peace zone and avoiding road rage is a real challenge.

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