leaving Ninh Chu beach

After eight days at the beach east of Phan Rang, we are leaving for Saigon. We enjoyed our stay at the Den Gion Resort. The sound of crashing waves replaced the scooter honking of the cities. Walks along the 11 kilometer beach replaced our sometimes hectic travels. There were no touts selling anything. We ate at the resort restaurant. Everything was comfortable.
Our days began with the sound of fishermen exercising before beginning their work. I would sit on the beach, drink a cup of coffee and maybe take a swim or go for a walk. After breakfast, we would sit in the shade under the palapa and maybe take a swim or go for a walk. I spent a lot of time listening to my iPod and watching the waves roll in. The fishermen worked their nets using individual, circular, woven basket boats.
When it go hot or windy, we retreated to our verandah. Then we had lunch and then…well, it went on from there… tides, winds, a tanker, dinner, stars.

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