arrived Menghai

We wanted to get away from the city and see the old China and the countryside. This is it. We are surrounded by farms and tea plantations. Interestingly, the towns near Menghai include: Manlei, Manduan, Menghun, Menglian, Mengla, Menglun, Mengban, Menghan, Mengyang, Mengzhe, Manen, Manguo, Manbang, Manfeilong, and Mannanan!!!

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3 Responses to arrived Menghai

  1. Bobbie Dowd says:

    what does man, men mean?

  2. Patrick says:

    Hey, man! I dunno.

  3. Alicia says:

    Hello Patrick, I am here at Mom’s. She was able to hear you when you called and received your birthday greeting. It is too bad the connection was not good and you couldn’t hear her but at least she could hear you! Happy travels. Alicia

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