arrived Kunming

We took a nine hour bus ride from Menghai that lasted from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and arrived in southern Kunming where we took a taxi to our downtown hotel. Along the way we saw endless terraces of tea plants, rice and lush green vegetables. The highway is an engineering marvel built through the steep mountains with tunnels over three kilometers (about two miles) and bridges spanning large gorges. The drivers took cigarette breaks and smoked the butts in a large bamboo bong, maybe three foot tall.

We left the warm southern ‘Banna tropics behind and are now at 6,000 feet and winter time. Glad we didn’t toss our winter coats. This will be our last stop in Yunnan Province. We went all the way north and west, then worked our way all the way south and west. ‘Banna is almost in Myanamar (once known as Burma). This morning we applied for Vietnam visas and will be here until we get them (Monday).

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