New Friends

Met Hong on plane ride from States. Saw her today here in her hometown of Guangzhou. She was kind enough to show us around. Went to historic klan house, had dim sim lunch at a well-regarded restaurant, went to a large park and saw the city’s icon, a statue of five goats. Best of all, she invited us to her home to meet her family and have dinner. What a wonderful Cantonese dinner and such gracious hosts! We had large tiger shrimp,whole baked fish, chicken with whole eggs, lotus root and ribs soup, watercress, summer squash with pork and ginger, clams and vegetable. Afterward we went to a park to watch the fireworks for the closing of the Asia Games.

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  1. Kitt says:

    Wow what a feast! Anything different about her home/lifestyle or did it seem like you were visiting a Chinese family in San Francisco? Didn’t have time to dine at my friend’s apt in Shenzhen but learned that it was normal for one’s retired parents to live with adult children.

  2. Patrick says:

    It was a nice apartment. There is a residential district with lots of high rises. The apartment had a balcony. The walls had lots of inlaid wood; the glass in the doors was etched. Everything was clean, neat, comfortable. It was delightful.

    Kitt, we are now in Lijian, following in your footsteps. Thanks for recommendations.

  3. Homer says:

    Patrick, This seems very refreshing to me. I can hardly realized what you and Dawn are experiencing. I will read on a I have time on your progress.

  4. Patrick says:

    Thanks for reading from the beginning. I am glad you enjoyed. Have Happy Holidays. On Tuesday, we fly from Yunnan Province to Guilin.

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