Hong Kong

I really enjoyed Hong Kong. In a few days, I think I got a good feeling for the city. In many ways, it is very accessible. Compared to American cities, it is pedestrian friendly and easy to get around. There are signposts everywhere. Similar to shopping mall corridors, there are pedestrian walkways throughout the city–so you can easily and safely cross busy intersections. There are even outside escalators to take you to different levels.

The city proper is squeezed in front of the cliffs of several mountains. Over time, land has been “reclaimed” or added onto in the harbor, so the city has grown significantly. Because of the shortage of land, the city has grown up. Skyscrapers and sky-rises are everywhere. Reportedly, there are 6,480 people per square kilometer.

I went to the top of  Hong Kong to Victoria Peak by the tram. I rode the Star Ferry to Kowloon and saw downtown from sea water level. Went to the Hong Kong Park, Arboretum, Kowloon, Art Museum, History Museum, and the Tian Tan Buddha. We also rode the trolley to the end of the line.

Staying first on Lantau Island and resting up before going to downtown was definitely a good idea. Like most large cities, the noise and air pollution is intense.

The MTR or subway is easy to use despite the large numbers of people. At one point, I noticed eight escalators going up and down, all full of people. People are polite, friendly and generally follow the directions. Public service announcements are everywhere. There was a gigantic video screening showing how to stretch in your office. Free public toilets are clean, well-marked and well-lit. The libraries are top-notch and the main central library is the nicest library building I have been in. WiFi, computers and Internet terminals are readily available. Parks, zoos, arboretums and public areas are everywhere.

We stayed at the Harbourview Hotel and had a good view of the Harbor, downtown and Kowloon.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Thank you for this interesting post. I learned a lot about Hong Kong. You seem to have done a lot in a few days! It is Thanksgiving here. Agapito and Estela’s mother Maria are doing the cooking. They are great chefs so we are sure to be spoiled! Tatiana, Pierre, and Mateo will be there too.

    Here’s the weather in the most important American cities today: Eugene 44 and cloudy rain all week. Pasadena 64 sunny all week. Albany rain and clouds, yes that’s all week. Milwaukee 38 partly cloudy snow forecast. NYC 43 sun and rain. Ithaca 37 rain and snow.

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