Guangzhou Photos

The 2010 Asia Games were finishing up while we were at Guangzhou. Although we didn’t attend the events, we did see the closing fireworks and visited the site. The icon for the city is goats. Legend has it that the people were starving from a great famine and goats descended from heaven to save them. One photo shows us in front of the statue depicting this event. Other show how the goats have been transformed as icons for the Asia games.

The Western Han Nanyue King Museum is located in Guangzhou. I’ve been to a lot of museums and ancient ruins, but this mausoleum really stands out. The site wasn’t discovered until 1983–and it had never been raided. The artifacts are about 2,000 years old and some of them look new. The photos show detail of the silk-jade garment worn by Emperor Wen to his burial. The jade discs (that look like giant DVDs) were laid until of the body in a specific pattern to provide balance and harmony in the afterlife. The ceramic pillows look terribly uncomfortable.

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