Buenos Aires

plazaMy trip to Buenos Aires was different from my other trips. I stayed in an apartment for a month. I had a daily routine I followed to get to school, study and see the city. I enjoyed living there. I like the hustle and bustle of the city, a city with flair and a sense of gentrification. There was always something to see and somewhere to go.
The downside was the pollution above and below. The air is toxic primarily from the ancient collectivos (or buses) the provide goood transportation but also belch enormous plumes of foul exhaust. The air made my eyes sting and nose run. Dog poop, unhappily, is everywhere. Dog owners and walkers allow their pets to go anywhere. The rain doesn’t clear this mess, it only moves it around.Retiro

City Attractions:
Corrientes–visiting booksellers and cafes.
Visiting the Barrios: Boca, San Telmo, Palermo, Ricoleta.
MALBEC–nice museum bilding, but had Andy Warhol exhibit instead of Latin American artists.
Belle Arts-wonderful museum, classic European and wide swath of Argentinian artists.
Evita Peron–intresting museum.
Japanese Garden–nice respite in city.
Botanical Gardens–wonderful city park. Saw Jazz band play on Sunday afternoon.
Museum of Buenos Aires–toys and soccer paraphenalia.
Retiro train station–faded European glory.
Florida Street — take a walk.
City Bus Tour–disappointing: too many people, too few buses.
Plaza de May, Casa Roja and Cathedral–of course.
Reserva Ecologica–good walk, clean(er) air, interesting environment.
Palacio de Agua Corriente–great building.
China Town –eat some veggies!
Central Cultural Borges–interesting art, but nothing to do with Borges (I guess he had an office here).  Good tango show.

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  1. Nita says:

    Hey dad! The pictures from Buenos Aires are really cool! I am glad that you learned alot at your school.

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