rioAlumineBariloche is by far the most developed city in Patagonia. North of there, the town of San Martin is now filled in with tourist development. Farther north, Junin is changing rapidly. Even farther north, Aluminé remains relatively untouched. Yes, there are some new cabañas. And, there are tourists and accommodations–but they are part of the fabric–not the entire economy. It takes a couple of hours driving on dirt roads to get to Aluminé, so it is somewhat isolated.

We stayed at some cute cabins, enjoyed the sound of the river and fresh air. Each night, just after dark, the  moon came up over the mountain. It was hot in the day, but got cold at night. One morning, there was icy slush on my windshield.anita

We fished and went to town, drove up into the mountains, visited the Maupuche (indigenous people) visitor center, and enjoyed the sunsets and relaxed.

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