fireworksThe Obelisk is the geographic center of Buenos Aires. It sits at 9 de Lulio and Corrientes. 9 de Julio is an enormous boulevard, reportedly the widest in the world, maybe eight lanes in each direction. Corrientes is the Broadway of town.

My apartment was one block from Corrientes. The first walk I took in BsAs was to the Obelisk about 1.5 kms (ten city blocks equal one kilometer). The traffic is one way. The street slopes downward to toward the river. The stores consist primarily of cafes, restaurants, theaters, bookstores and kiosks.

ObeliskThe Saturday night before Christmas, the booksellers had a fair. Corrientes was closed. At midnight, the area was filled with people buying books for gifts.

On Christmas Eve, a tree was decorated beside the Obelisk.

On New Years Eve, there was a fireworks display.

One New Years Day, the Dakur Rally began at the Obelisk.

The day before I left BsAs, I walked by the obelisk to a movie theater.

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