trip summary for Argentina10

In December to January 2009/2010, we visited Argentina for the second time. Three years earlier we visited southern Argentina, from Bariloche to Ushuaia. This time, we flew to Buenos Aires, the capital. We enrolled in IBL, a Spanish language school located on Florida Street in the heart of downtown. We rented an apartment and developed a daily routine. We awoke, had breakfast, rode the subway a few stops, walked to school and attended class for four or five hours. Afterwards, we had lunch, visited a tourist site and went home to rest and study some more.

After a month in the city, I was definitely ready for the mountains of Patagonia. We took an overnight bus to Neuquen where we rented a car and drove to Junin de los Andes. We stayed in the same apartment we rented three years earlier. The sleepy little town had grown up. We visited San Martin (to the south) and were amazed how much development had taken place. We went to Lago Huechulafquen, stayed in Aluminé and visited a Maupuche village high in the Andes.

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