getting started

It is warm here and the city is vibrant, but I have had some problems getting started. Jet lag is at the top of the list. Yesterday, I broke a tooth while eating some soft bread (?!?). I didn’t like my classes and changed them. Then, I got a cold.

Tomorrow will be the end of the first week here and things seem to be settling down. We bought some fresh pasta in a local neighborhood store to cook in our kitchen. I found a bakery with medialunas (type of croissant) and bought some peach marmalade. The apartment is a clean, new and comfortable. While it doesn’t have a view, it is somewhat tucked away from the noise and pollution.

Each day, we take the subway to school. It is located on a pedestrian street (Florida) and thousands of people rushing to work each morning. There are a lot of Brazilian students and they learn Spanish very quickly because Portuguese is similar to Spanish. I liked the two teachers I had today. I say, “Mi nombre es Patricio.” It has been two years since I stayed in a Spanish-speaking country and the language wheels are turning slowly.

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