Yukon Facts

Average Daily Hours of Daylight in July: 20 hoursForest Fire

Motorist Requirement: Drive with headlights on at all times

Population: 33,000

Number Moose: 50,000

Number Caribou: 160,000

Longest River: The Yukon River

Capital: Whitehorse

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2 Responses to Yukon Facts

  1. Anonymous says:

    great slide show, betsy and I viewed it together here at the lake after she returned from crazy daze downtown detroit lakes. I was curious re: the number of fly poles I counted in the back of the 4runner, 11 I think? How’s the toyota doing on the adventure?


    Ron and Betsy

  2. Patrick says:

    Actually six fly rods, but yes, about a dozen total. Others are spinning and bait-casting. Haven’t used them yet. 4Runner doing fine. Had a flat tire and changed the oil. We’re at 5,000 miles today for the trip. Did you know the tire indicator goes on if you have a deflated spare?

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