Fishing Equipment

rod-holder-designI didn’t know what fishing equipment I would need, but wanted to catch rainbows, grayling, Dolly Varden, pike and salmon. For the two of us, I took six fly rods (1-3 wt., 1-4 wt., 2-5 wt., 2-7 wt.) plus 2 salmon rods, 2 steelhead/pike rods, 2 lake rods and several spinning rods.rod-holder

To carry all these rods, I built a special rack for the floor of the 4Runner. Made from plywood and 2x4s, it allows several 3″ plastic sleeves (irrigation pipes) to hold all these rods. It keeps them available, prevents breakage and hides them from theft.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I was amused by your equipment report after I inquired as to the number of fly poles in the 4runner. Nice accommodation by the way for that most important part of the trip packing.

    We’re in Colorado for just 10 days then back to the lakeshore in Minnesota til 9/17. Betsy is heading to Michigan 10/2 to help her parents and I’ll be at the cabin for end of summer chores. I do have to be back for a new mexico golf trip 9/28 before I go to take the boat and water toys off the water in Minnesota for the season. Plan is to be back in Colorado 10/15.

    My class for Fall semester starts 10/19 so I’ll be stranded till 12/22. (I do have one brief 6 day trip to the Madison in Montana between classes in late oct).

    Let me know when you’ll be at home in Eugene.



    p.s. Talked with Fritz on the rio grande today and water is way down (250 cfs) so will have to wait for flows to increase.

  2. Patrick says:

    Actually, I turned the whole fishing equipment reply into a posting, complete with design notes!

    Talk to you soon.

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