rock and lakeFrom Whitehorse, drove to Atlin, the “Little Switzerland” of World Was II fame. Stayed at the Art Center with Gernot. Gernot apparently has some international fame as an artist, photographer and teacher. He is an outdoor enthusiast and at 74 is in better shape than most people (me). His school was based upon “living on the edge” whereby students had alpine experiences that influenced the way they see and create art. He personally built all the lodging including a guest house with two one-bedroom apartments. The view is stunning and panoramic. He has a large jet boat for excursions and a wealth of knowledge about the area; he provides charters.Atlin, B.C. glacier

I fished the stream between MacDonald Lake and Little MacDonald Lake and caught lots of small grayling. Also fished Surprise Lake where it drains into the creek and caught larger grayling. Reportedly Palmer Lake holds pike (east and north shores) and MacDonald Lake holds lake trout (west and north shores). Deep trolling can take large lake trout in Atlin Lake.

We climbed Ruby Mountain, saw two mountain goats and wonderful alpine views. Climbed the trail to Monarch Mountain (in front of guest house) and a rocky outcropping to the south. Great views. Interesting rocks. Good exercise.

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