Stellako River

muddy RiverWhen it started raining on the Nechako River, I drove to take a look at the Stellako, one of the renowned B.C. trout fly-fishing streams. According to a local, the bite was off because of the rain. The stoneflys had been hatching, but no longer. According to B.C. fishing regs, non-resident aliens must purchase a $20 per day license in addition to a regular license.

I also learned that the salmon runs are better in August than July–and therefore decided to return east to Prince George and start the “loop” on the east side. Drove to Chetwynd. Spent a day looking at rivers: the Moberly, Peace, Pine, Murray and Sukunka. Unfortunately, the rain came down even harder. The rivers were high and muddy with entire trees floating down in the main current. The Tumbling Falls are looked like a good base for fishing the area. Local info suggests the Burnt River, a tributary of the Sukunka is especially good for fly-fishing.

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  1. Brian Smith says:

    Hi, Tavelling Dude. To comment, the Stellako sockeye run is at its peak around October 1. It fishes well on stormy, rainy days as the river is gin-clear and flows out of Francois Lake, having no mountain tributaries to blow it out. The rainbows are spooky, wild native trout to 65 cm and are courageous fighters, resplendent with their dark red striping and heavily spotted backs and undersides. You should have fished it!

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks, Brian. I will have to make a point to get up there and try it. I appreciate the information.

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