Nechako River

Along the Kenney Dam Rd. from Vanderhoof to the dam is an interpretive kiosk. Near there is a trail to the West. After hiking about an hour, you arrive to a junction. Take the trail down to the right to the Nechako River. The beginning of the trail is well marked, but has many places with fallen trees. The lower trail is very difficult and has not been maintained for at least five years. The markers are far apart and some are on fallen trees.

Once I arrived in the canyon, I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere, the great North of B.C. I was concerned about finding the markers for my way home. But, the water looked inviting and I soon caught five rainbows on an elk Hair Caddis. I explored a long, curving riffle, but that wasn’t as productive as the pools between carved rock walls. The day had been cloudy and turned bright in the late afternoon. The bite was off except whitefish.

If you take the hike, I recommend taking a compass or GPS, going with another person, and taking insect replellent (better a potective shirt). There were many signs of bear, so make noise or wear bear bells.

The river is flood-controlled and large amounts of water are let out to keep the Fraser River cold enough for salmon, so check locally (usually water release occurs middle of July to middle of August).

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