Muncho Lake

Muncho LakeIn the morning, I pulled up stakes and continued north, stopping at Summit Lake, a picturesque if barren spot exposed to the wind. Arrived at Munchon lake for a beautiful sunny afternoon. In the morning, I searched for access to either the inlet or outlet of the 7 km lake. On the southern end, past the airstrip, I followed a stream flowing through a culvert under the highway to a creek that flowed into the river that flowed into the lake. I could not find any fish in the creeks, but was rewarded with a good-sized lake trout where the river merged into the lake. But, again, the rain blew in with large gusts of wind. I got chilled at the high elevation and followed  moose tracks through the bog back to the highway.

It rained all night and in the morning it was cold and wet. I broke camp and continued north, passing bear and bison.

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