Money Creek

Money-CreekStopped on the Campbell Highway to look at Simpson Lake and Frances River, but continued to Frances Lake Campground. The campground at Simpson Lake was empty, so I was surprised to see so many people at Frances. Turns out Frances is a popular destination and several large RVs park there each season.

Fished Money Creek which runs into the lake just Frances-Lakenorth of the campground. Nice, clear grayling water. Caught lots of fish, largest at 17 inces (42 cm). Around 3 p.m. each day, there was a baetis mayfly hatch. Above the bridge, the beavers are at work and they are fun to watch, even if they do put the fish down.

Most people have boats and troll the lake for lake trout. The lake is somewhat unusual in that it forms a “U.” It is typically long and thin, a result of glacial scraping.

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