Liard Hot Springs

Liard Hot Springs-1The hot springs are justifiably popular. The campgrounds are roomy and comfortable. I tried to fish Smith River Falls, but a forest fire recently destroyed the access and made the area dangerous from falling timber. I fished the Huele Creek near the Liard Bridge and caught my first grayling. The creek runs clear and the fish were stacked up in a hole where the clear water ran into the muddy Liard. They took Elk Hair Caddis and Prince Nymphs about size Liard Hot Springs16 (just like normal). I also fished the falls at Teeter Creek, about a 2 km hike through a mosquito-infested area. The grayling were in a pool below the falls and eagerly took dry fly caddis imitations. Whenever my fly didn’t get stuck on branches, I got a take.

I also drove about 10 miles on a rough 4WD trail along the Liard, but aside from negotiating the creeks, hills and wash-outs, the tour wasn’t exciting.

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