BC-Yukon route

mapLoopI’ve wanted to take a road trip up north for sometime. I’ve flown to Alaska a bunch of times and driven to southern B.C. In British Columbia, the northern part of the province is regarded as “the North” (the east side is “the Interior”).

I plan to visit the north by vehicle to sight see, fish and camp, an outdoor, wilderness adventure. I expect to see glaciers, rivers and mountains, eagles and bears. I hope to catch trout, salmon, char, grayling and pike.

I probably will go the Prince George, Whitehorse and Prince Rupert. From Prince George, there is a loop, up the Alaska Highway and back down on the west side via the Cassiar Highway. Maybe, take sidetrips to Whitehorse, Haines, Aitlan, and even a bit of the Yukon.

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