B.C. Fishing #1

Cheslatta FallsA fish broke my tippet on my second cast. And then attacked my drift indicator. Several broke off in the current–and then I landed my first B.C. rainbow. My wife had just landed her fish. A double!

Below the falls, where the Cheslata River turns into the Nechako River is a pool full of wild rainbows. The water from the lake plunges through rapids, a canyon and into a pool. Green caddis and yellow stoneflys were in abundance. Green elk hair caddis, stimulators, Royal Wolff patterns, prince nymphs, brassies and copper johns all worked well.

There were so many fish, there were more fish than mosquitoes.

To get there, park at the campground and follow the loop trail. Be prepared for steep, slippery slopes. Take a camera.

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