Windows Home Server backs it up

My desktop PC was running slowly, so I disabled a few start-ups and old drivers. It seemed to help, so I disabled a few more. BSOD! the Blue Screen of Death. My computer wouldn’t start. I had disabled a driver that I actually needed. But which one, and where could I find it, and how can I reinstall it when my PC won’t even boot up??? I put a CD in the machine, made a few clicks and fifteen minutes later, my machine was back to where I started. Windows Home Server (WHS)backs it up…and better yet, it restores my entire PC. Since I’ve had it, I have recovered from a hard disk failure and upgraded two primary hard drives (containing the OS) with ease.

The way it works is that by schedule it does a daily backup of any PCs that are turned on (including standby or hibernate modes). I have my server set to automatically boot-up

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  1. Larry Hudson says:

    Patrick…I also use WHS to back up my three home computers. I have been impressed by the flexibility and features of the server software. It does everything I need. I purchased the HP version when it first came out. My box now has four disks with 3.5T in storage. I need the capacity for backup, CD collection and photos. I use the “shared folders” feature as my central storage. I also like the shared folder backup feature that was part of SP1. (I store the shared folder backup at the office.)

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