The Beach, a novel

train from BangkokI read a novel, The Beach by Alex Garland. I had previously seen the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. It is an easy, fun read, good for a long airplane ride. What struck me is that I followed the same route from Bangkok to the islands. Train, pickup, ferry. The characterizations of the travelers were all too familiar.

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  1. Ron says:

    Patrick and Dawn,

    Thanks for all the entertaining updates of your recent travels.

    I just returned home from being away since 2/12/09; Mesquite, NV Chula Vista, CA, Scottsdale, AZ (All driven in the 4runner, then returned to Colorado and embarked via air to Michigan, air travel from there to Cocoa, FL, then drove back to Colorado from Florida via Michigan (picked up Betsy from her parent’s home).

    So am now back in Colorado til 4/9 when we depart for Minnesota (Opening cabin) and then a return to Michigan for some family duty there,. Will fill in the details when next we talk.


    Ron and Betsy

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