Pulau Pangkor

sunsetMalaysia is famous for its islands on the east coast, but it is northeast monsoon  season now. Pangkor is on the west coast, so it is unaffected. It is a small, sleepy place where fishing is more important than tourism. I spent several days at Nipah Beach swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and hiking. The place was empty and quiet. Aside from a limited choice of restaurants, it was a wonderful place to relax.

Unfortunately, a monkey took my camera. It was in a bag on the beach and no one was around. At first, I thought it was a human being, but why would he chew on my sunblock and leave my money? Other tourists reported trouble with monkeys taking things. Maybe worse, one tourist saw several monkeys fighting off a python snake.

Travel–took a bus from Tana Rata to Ipoh and from Ipoh to Lumut. Then took a ferry to Pangkor town and a taxi to Teluk Nipah.

Lodging–Pangkor Bay View Beach Resort is a nice hotel with a swimming pool and spacious rooms. Good value for less than $20 US.

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3 Responses to Pulau Pangkor

  1. bobbie says:

    crazy, but there you have it – the title of your travel book: A Monkey Took My Camera. Was it the nice one?

  2. Larry Hudson says:

    This will make for an interesting homeowners insurance claim. Which camera was it?

  3. Kevin says:

    you should always pile bananas on top of your property to apease the monkeys.

    Just like Chamberlain!

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