on leaving Tarutao National Park

nature's designOn the way to Ko Tarutao National Park, I met a German who said he went to Ko Lipe, one of the islands, five years ago. He planned to stay five days, but stayed five weeks. He has visited every year since, but now stays two months. We stayed in a duplex bungalow on Ko Tarutao and met a young Swedish woman. Ao SunoShe said she had been “here” for five weeks. I asked if she meant in Thailand; she responded “here” as in that bungalow. It was her second year spending five weeks. I met a senior Belgian man with an inflatable kayak; he said he has been visiting these islands for twenty years.

By the end of six nights, I understood what they meant. I did not want to leave and think I will return. It’s quite, peaceful, natural and enchanting. Maybe the gentle lapping of the small sea waves, or the breeze in the palm trees or the singing of the birds. Maybe because there really is nothing to do–swim, take a walk, visit the next beach. Maybe because each beach only has one restaurant and the accommodations are identical. Snorkeling among the rocks and coral reef was my favorite.

Maybe next time, I will go in a boat around the island or camp out on a remote beach or go fishing or climb a mountain, or….

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