Kuala Lumpur

Kuala LampurKuala Lumpur, commonly referred to as “K.L.,” has the old and new. The colonial area, Meredeka Square and Chinatown are interesting. The new includes Petronas Towers (once the tallest buildings in the world), and KL Tower (still in the top three tallest towers). We visited the National Museum, National Mosque, Islamic Arts Museum, Bukit Benang and KL Sentral neighborhoods, and rode the monorail.

A couple of annoyances. KL is not really a walking city. Although the sights are close geographically, the major new roads were built without considering pedestrian traffic. Also, it was very hot, 35C/95F and the afternoon tropical sun absolutely burned.

Travel–took a mini-van across the island to pier at Pangkor Town, took ferry to Lamut and express bus to KL, about seven hours total.

Lodging. The Replica is nice enough. Located in Bukit Banang. Lots of hotels in the neighborhood have very small rooms.

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