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visiting friendsI hooked up with my friend and college classmate, Brian. We visited sites in Bangkok. He has a car and graciously took us on a tour west of Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Province. His sweetheart, Siripan is from Nong Pru. We stopped to visit Siripan’s friends who operate a fish farm. Then we visited her mother and brother who live on a farm. Nong Pruis a small town with one hotel.venerable ancestor As a day trip, we visited Tham Than Lot (Chaloem Rattanakosin) National Park and a wat at the top of the mountain. An unusual limestone bridge with several large holes in it is the highlight. There are also caves and waterfalls.

From Nom Pleu, we drove to Thong Pha Phum where we rented bungalows on the shore of Khao Laem Reservoir. It is quiet with lots of kingfishers and other birds. At dusk, fishermen make their way to fishing rafts to turn on green lights to attract fish. The nearby town has a market. One day, we visited two wats, one in town and the other a forest monastery. Another day we took a windy and somewhat perilous road high in the mountains to the Burmese border. It is very plasant and relaxing here.

Lodging– Nom Pleu has one hotel; it is totally adequate.

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