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reflections on MaoWhile in Singapore, I visited several museums, took the harbor tour and ate at Little India and Chinatown. I visited Funan Digital Life, a six story shopping mall devoted to electronics of all kins–a veritable Fry’s on steroids.

Asia Civilisations Museum–A perfect introduction for my trip. One gallery detailed the history of Singapore while the main exhibit described the culture of each major civilization in Asia including the Middle East, India, China, Japan and Siam, Vietnam and Laos. An exhibit, Asians in Monochrome displayed large format photographic portraits from around the turn of the (last) century. The clothing and props were outrageous. See A short exhibit of Mao’s Propoganda Machine included a large portrait of Mao. The light of the museum’s windows bounced off the portrait.

The National Museum of Singapore was a pleasant surprise in terms of building architecture and high-tech multimedia techniques.

Raffles Hotel has up-scale shopping and $10 cups of coffee.

The Singapore Art Museum had many interesting exhibits including contemporary Korean Art. A smaller sub-museum, Q8, included installations from contemporary Singaporeans.

The Harbor Tour allows you to see 800 ships at anchor.

Chinatown and India have good food and bristling markets. The food courts hold so-called “hawker stalls” with abundant, cheap and tasty food. The food is an art form with its own exhibit at the National Museum.

Lodging–The Strand Hotel has a great location right by the Art Museum and Singapore Museum with good food across the street. Within walking distance to Chinatown and Little India.

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  1. says:

    Patrick and Dawn,

    Just now viewed the blog info of your recent travels in Asia.

    I left Colorado on 2/12 (Betsy drove to Mesquite , NV and picked me up in our 4runner for the CA leg) via Scottsdale and then got on a plane and flew to Michigan where I traveled to Florida with Betsy’s Dad (she stayed in Michigan with her mom) and took care of a property in Cocoa.

    We’re in Lincoln,NB this eve and driving home to Colrado tommorrow.

    Am still looking to fish Montana in Spring, so let me know what’s possible with you.


    Ron and Betsy

    p.s. I was curious how the $10.00 cup of coffee tasted

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