Singapore overview

downtown and Singapore RiverSingapore is very easy to visit–clean, orderly and interesting. The airport, Changi, is probably the nicest airport I’ve ever visited. Customs was a breeze; if you have nothing to declare, walk under the green arrow and you are outside security.

I haven’t seen a beggar or panhandler. There is no garbage on the streets. The city seems prosperous with lots of new construction and many contemporary buildings. The culture is a multi-ethnic brew that has been bubbling for centuries — Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabian, Portuguese and British. Now

The food is Asian fusion and delicious. The food courts hold so-called “hawker stalls” with abundant, cheap and tasty food. The food is an art form with its own exhibit at the National Museum.

Lodging–The Strand Hotel has good accommodations with a great location right by the Art Museum and Singapore Museum. It is in walking distance to Chinatown and Little India.

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