Guatemala City

I'm tiredTime to finish the story. From Tikal, I flew to Guatemala City to catch my flight to the States. After nine weeks on the road, I am tired and ready to go home. I have mosquito, ant and spider bites all over my body. I have slipped and fallen several times in the jungle and have a variety of bumps, bruises, scrapes and sore fingers. I am thinking defensively. Guatemala City is known as a tough city. Just let me home without being mugged.

I visited the city center (Parque Central) and the main cathedral. The fence around the cathedral masacreshas stone pillars inscribed with names. The names are listed by province. “Executed.” “Disappeared.” “Tortured.”

We bought a hammock and bedspread at the underground artisan market (it is literally underground) and took our last bus in Central America, the 101, back to the hotel. Then we took the long flight home.

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