close enough for photosCopanThe Copan Ruins are well worth seeing. The Mayans worked on the city for about six hundred years. They are not as large as Chitzen Itzen, but the sculpture is better preserved and more intricate. Most of the best work has been moved inside the museum for better protection. Some of the names ascribed to kings are humorous, like 18 Rabbit. That´s a name the Artist formerly known as Prince could consider. I spent the better part of a day wandering around and enjoyed all of it.

I also visited Macaw Mountain, a home for orphan birds. People get exotic birds for pets and for one reason or another decide they don´t want to keep them. Macaw Mountain takes them. Because they are no longer tame, they can´t be released back into the wild. After stalking birds in the jungle for days on end it was funny to have them perch on my shoulder–no need for a telephoto lens.

The town of Copan Ruins is kind of nice with good restaurants and interesting shops. It´s definitely a tourist haven.

Getting There–I took three buses. From Gracias to San Juan de Copan to La Entrada to Ruinas de Copan. It took about six hours, but went smoothly.

Lodging–Stayed at Maya Acropolis Hotel. Had a spacious room with a balcony, a wonderful courtyard, roof terrace with a garden, shared kitchen, centrally located, hot water, good bed and friendly staff. I liked it.

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