me on acquatic trailTortuguero is in the middle of nowhere on the Costa Rican Caribbbean coast. You can only get there by boat or plane. There are lots of tourists here–more tourists than turtles.

tourists at TortugueroI rented a canoe and went on an aquatic trail early in the morning in the Parque Nacional Tortuguero. Part of the trail is closed to motors, so I left the tourists behind. The channel narrows and finally ends. In places, I had to squeeze the canoe under tree limbs. I saw three species of monkeys in several groups (families, bands, bunches??). I also saw green iguana and lots of parrots, butterflies, fish, heron and egret. The monkeys were feeding and very active–swinging, moving and jumping from tree-to-tree.

I stayed at Miss Junie’s, a good hotel with clean rooms, bathrooms, fans and a large garden on the river. Restaurants charge tourist prices. rice and chicken, a simple typical dish, costs 8 U.S.

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