Sunday, March 9, Costa Rica

I am now in San Jose, Costa Rica and am going to Grenada, Nicaragua tomorrow. I spent several days in Manzanillo and then went to Playa Bonita and Tortoguero.

In Panama, I

  • spent two weeks studying Spanish in Panama City,
  • went to the highlands near Volcan Baru to visit coffee planations and spot tropical birds, and
  • went to an island near Bocas del Toro to walk isolated beaches.

Note, to edit my sidebar, I need a computer that can handle AJAX and Web 2.0. Maybe someday soon.

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  1. Fritz Allen says:

    Hi Guys, Ron told me you were down south. looks like you are having a great time. thought you might be going on to Guatemala, if so and you would like any info we would be happy to try and help if we can. Congratulations on the new place and hope to see you guys again soon. Fritz Paula and Sadi

  2. Patrick says:

    Fritz, we are moving a day at a time. Tomorrow we go to Nicaragua. Guatemala will be our last country, assuming we make it that far. I think we will go to the northern part of the country on a separate trip, combine it with Belize. We want to go to Antigua and Guatemala City. Any suggestions you have, especially for southeast area are welcome.

  3. Patrick says:

    I revised the website from 2-column to 3-column. It runs at 1024×768. Down here, a lot of monitors can´t handle it and the third column runs at the bottom of the page. Make sure to maximize your browser. Also, I´ve only tested it in IE, not sure how it works with Firefox.

  4. Mike Youngren says:

    Dawn/Patrick: If I’m looking at the right stuff — Firefox works fine. I asked, and most of the citizens of West Virginia refuse to believe Panama is the same size as the Mountaineer State. I mentioned your travels Sunday in our church group and we’re all praying you don’t run into Manuel Noriega. We also miss you both and love you much.

  5. Patrick says:

    Actually, we went by the Colonel’s house in Panama City–the stret address is number 7. The roof looks like a gun tower and there are heavily reinforced stone walls all around it. He was extradited from US Federal prison to France in 2007. We’re in Nicaragua as of today and wondering about Sandistas. Wish you were here.

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