Ruben DarioThe Museo de Cafe is interesting and the town has an authentic feeling untouched by tourism. Ruben Dario, a famous poet, was born here.

I took a taxi to Moyagalpa on the north end of the Island of Ometepe, took a ferry to San Jorge, a taxi to Rivas, a local bus to the capitol, Managua, and an express bus to Matagalpa. Matagalpa is about 2,000 feet in altitude and considerably cooler than the coast. The town is nestled in the mountains and is a center for coffee shipments.

I stayed in the Hotel Alvarado. My hosts are very friendly. The family is a family of physicians. Both Noe Garcia and his wife are physicians as well as a father, mother, aunt, uncle, son and grandson. There is variability in the rooms; we got the one under construction.

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4 Responses to Matagalpa

  1. Larry Hudson says:

    You have got to tell me about your luggage situation. Are you totally backpacking?

    Wonderful photos…I expect nothing less. :)


  2. Patrick says:

    We backpack as little as possible. Our luggage is convertible, usually we wheel it. Backpacking is for border crossings and dirt roads. There are plenty of taxis and people willing to help for a tip. We always sleep in secure hotel with private bath, fan and usually hot water.

    If you look at these photos of Dawn crossing the Panama/Costa Rica border, you see the suitcase on her back and knapsack on her front.

  3. Kitt says:

    I took Dawn’s advise & got an Eagle Creek backpack on wheels…the carry on size. It was a comfortable fit in the store but when I tried to use it enroute I about fell over. Turned out very practical anyway..good carrying handles & expandable.

  4. Patrick says:

    It certainly doesn´t make it feel light. Somebody would know better, but there is some backpacking rule that the weight of your pack should be no more than 20% of your body weight.

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