red frogI awakened in the Cabina in Manzanillo to the sound of a male monkey asserting his domain. I could hear the surf pounding against the shore and the birds singing. Manzanillo is a sleep, quiet town at the end of a dusty, bumpy road.  No banks or Internet. It has one restaurant and a snorkel shop. A perfect place to chill, relax and take in the tropical breezes.

Beyond Manzanillo, I hiked into the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Gandoca-Manzanillo. It was wet, hot and humid–a swampy, tropical jungle. It was full of birds, flowers and butterflies. I also saw monkeys, fish–and red frogs. The red frogs are about the size of a dime, poisonous and intensely red. The trail paralleled the coast. I found a lagoon, had lunch and went for a swim.

I stayed at Cabinas Manzanillo which were very nice with friendly, helpful owners. I ate at Maxis which had large, tasty dishes although the service was sometimes slow.

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