My luggage weighed in at 48 pounds with 30 in my backpack and 18 in my knapsack. My knapsack is almost all photographic equipment and there is probably another 5 to 6 pounds in the backpack. So, my weight is about evenly divided between clothing and photos equipment.

I want to get photos of wildlife, specially birds in the wild. This means my 8-inch, 300mm telephoto plus a 1.7x teleconverter. This also means, I nee a tripod and ballhead. The combined magnification will be about 765mm. The ballhead features panoramic capabilities, so I can snap photos like my good friend, Larry.

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  1. Larry Hudson says:

    Wow…24 pounds of camera gear. What do you have in your photo bag? The shots you have uploaded are wonderful. If you have time, check out http://www.hdrsoft.com. This is what I am playing with now. Go ahead and rub it in; we are expecting a real snow tomorrow. Larry

  2. Patrick says:

    I think Dawn slipped a couple of guide books in my bag. The 300mm withe teleconvertor, tripod and ballhead tip the scales. I wanted to try bird shots.

    Here is the list–
    Nikon D200 body, 4 CF cards, 2 Li-Ion batteries, strap, backpack strap, LowePro knapsack,
    2 wolverines, plug
    chargers-camera, Wolverine, , USB cord,
    elec adapter plugs
    airblower, brushes, wash, chamber clean
    lenses: 50mm, 12-24, 18-200VR, 300 mm, t/c
    filters – grad G2 , circular polarizer and haze on each lens
    remote release, tripod, ballhead,
    small reflector
    camera book

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