the Canal

canal tankerI visited the Mira Flores Locks of the Panama Canal, located about 10 kilometers outside the City. It is indeed impressive to see monster, “PanaMax” size ships entering the locks with roughly a meter of clearance on either side. There are several locks that raise the ships to canal and then lake level. Then they make their way to the Caribbean side and through another series of locks. It takes only minutes for the large basins to fill, “in less time than it takes to fill your bathtub,” and the enormous ship goes up about a meter a minute.

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  1. Bobbie says:

    As usual, great photos: love the one of the tree and also the one with the skyscraper seen through the old stone wall. Hope you are enjoying your trip and that you get some bagels with those locks!

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks, Bobbie. Once we finish school (tomorrow), I will get more “focused” on photography. Actually, they have a New York Bagel here and our 84-year-old hostess prepared lochs for us.

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