map Central America

Here is a map of Central America showing the six countries I hope to visit.

map Central America

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  1. Rob and Chris says:

    Hi Patrick & Dawn
    Remember us? Your neighbours on the “lower level” cabin in Beverly’s Hill, Bastimentos. We shared some drinks one evening when the locals were having a party on the island.
    We can see that you are continuing to enjoy your travels through Central America. We only visited Copan in Honduras. It was so quiet and special early morning (we were let in before opening time). Next stop Guatemala? We enjoyed climbing one of the volcanoes near Antigua. Antigua is just a lovely place to sit and watch local life, though we expect it is more on the tourist trail now than 8 years ago.
    Have fun!!
    best wishes to both of you
    Chris and Rob
    ps- it a professional and interesting website!

  2. Patrick says:

    Of course we remember you. You are our continuing inspiration. We are hiking a volcano this afternoon. We just booked our return flight, two weeks from now. Keep in touch. Thanks for following up. Let us know when you plan to visit U.S.

  3. Patrick Dowd says:

    Hi Patrick, Noce to meet you. I found your site as we share the same name. We are headed off to Guatemala in March, have a place to stay in Antigua as our base. Enjoying your blog and magnificent photos. Can’t wait for our next adventure there. We have heard rather scary stories about safety and security in Guatemala. Your views & suggestions?? I would love to connect email: Stay well Cousin!! Patrick Dowd

  4. Patrick says:

    Hi, cous! There are more Patrick Dowds in the world than I ever imagined. The scary stories about security are (unfortunately) all true. See my post:

    Suggest separating credit cards and cash into different places, having a “throw-away” wallet, heeding warnings about dangerous areas, taking taxi to/from ATMs and generally watching your back. Despite that, Guatemala is a beautiful country. My next stop is SE Asia.

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