Next Trip Scheduled — Central America

In the first week in February (a week from Thursday), I fly to Panama City to begin my next trip. I will spend a couple of weeks in the City studying Spanish in an immersion program. After that, it’s north and west–Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Not sure I will make it to Belize this trip.

Originally, I was focused on Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, but became disenchanted when I learned it was the rainy season. I didn’t want to exchange the cold rain of Oregon for the hot rain of South America. Central America is supposedly in the dry season now (and also in the tourist season). I want to continue my studies of the Spanish language. Last year I went to school in Santiago for a week. This time, it will be for two weeks. The school is Spanish Panama. I’ll be in an immersion program, meaning I will live with a Panamanian family and spend free time at sponsored events and excursions.

After that, I head north and west with no particular plan. I want to go to Bocas de Toro and Boquete in Panama. I liked traveling on the buses in South America, so I will try that. Basically follow the Pan-American highway, stopping at key cities and interesting places, hire local guides. I hope to see some volcanoes, birds, ocean scenery and picturesque locals. No fishing this time. Just travel light, see the sites, take photos, and blog!

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